Why hospitals,trains,banks and others use this stupid vulnerable OS called Windows and why the hell they need to be connected to the public internet?

Heck I even think Microsoft does one hand with hackers.

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    Because like most public employees, bosses don't know jack shit on what they are doing, workes care jack shit because they are mistreated by the superiors... (most think they are better then the workers who gain minimum wage)... In Portugal I love to watch the software in any public department... It's like... Oh my eyes... The bugs... The connection problems... The difficulty of stuff that should be simple... Looks like such sistems are made by 1st year interns...
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    How long have you got?

    1) History. Windows has been around and has been mass use for so much longer than Linux. Mac OS never targeted these kinds of enterprises until iOS came along.

    2) Usability. Whine all you like, but for non-technical users (most public sector employees) Windows is simply easier to use (or it was when computers were becoming a thing).

    3) Availability. These setups needs support. Microsoft as a large org can provide it where no Linux distro (except maybe Red Hat) can. Windows is much more widely available at a lower price point than any alternative.

    4) Compatibility. So many application systems and hardware devices (more than you'd ever realise) are bespoke for these industries and they have been written to work within a Windows driven environment (with drivers, interfaces, code platforms, etc). Windows developer orgs are simply more common than anything else.

    This might all be changing (slowly), but those are some of the reasons.
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    @CrankyOldDev and, let's not forget that they wouldn't have an issue if they'd update on the last month. It's a mix of needing Windows for hardware, needing it to always work so you don't update on fear of an update breaking things like they often do, and then missing a security update screwed them over.
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    linux need to be more stable and driver friendly first (before being user friendly)
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    @lazyDev It is for the most part.
    (I can't remember the last crash or driver error ) what are you using?

    Installing and using Linux is amazing from a lamens point of view (bless you usb trial).

    Its installing software that needs work(lamen friendly) and compatibility with really good proprietary software (Satan).

    But as far as usability ;I installed everything and gave it to my mom and sissy and they were non the wiser.
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    @orto depends on hardware. Sadly, many laptops will fight you every way through install.
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    @iam13islucky Lol ,I feel for you; Every laptop I've used has loved Linux.Given I use popular laptops and mainstream distros like Mint,Ubuntu and elementary.
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    @orto I'm 1 for 4 on success. The one it worked on, it was easy, but others it was near impossible, if never recommend for a laymen.
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