> installs devRant app on my iPhone
> too lazy to type my 18-char random password on mobile
> password manager app not on App Store yet
> dig up my old Macbook
> install XCode & homebrew package manager
> install 2 other package managers using homebrew
> install App deps from the 2 package managers
> query stackoverflow for why my deps fail to install
> open App in XCode
> setup Apple provisioning profile
> trust my certificate on my iPhone
> dig up an old router & setup a local WiFi network
> start a server on my laptop to serve my PGP keys
> download my PGP keys to my iPhone
> app crashes
> open an issue on github with steps to reproduce & stacktrace
> type my 18-char random password
> rant on how I wasted an entire afternoon

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    I'm too lazy so I text message it
    To myself... that's secure, right !?
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    welcome to devRant!
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    @juneeighteen always better than write all stuff down, including username and app name and loose it in public transport😏
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    I read your rant while scrolling and was like please let this end with him typing the pw!😂

    Thank you
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    Follow Up: I did actually got the password manager app to work after solving 2 issues with the devs... open source ftw?
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    1) Copy password to file 'password.txt'
    2) $ python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000
    3) Type <pc's ip>:8000/password.txt into Safari

    As simple as that
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    I think you have too much spare time
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    @akiroz Open source for the win. :)
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    Devrant crashes a lot in my iPhone? Anyone is having the same problem?
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    tl;dr nows thats lazy
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    So you had to put in a password but instead you tried to make a password manager that didn't work so you put the password anyway and wasted whole afternoon?
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    ... buys an Android phone
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    Always tattoo important passwords as QR codes on your buttcheeks. That way, all you have to do is pull down your pants on the toilet, scan the code, and copy the string to the right app.

    People you can trust with access to your butt, are hopefully people you can trust with your passwords.
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