Interviewer: Hello my name is Alyssa from Sheeple and my pronouns are she/her

Dev: Oh yeah I saw that in your email

Interviewer: Ok well I am just letting you know they are still the same

Dev: Thanks for that.

Interviewer: What are your pronouns?

Dev: div/span

Interviewer: Sorry?

Dev: he/him

Interviewer: Oh…ok. Let me know if that changes.

Dev: I promise you it won’t

Interviewer: Well you never know!

Dev: …

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    Can we use that for relationships too ?

    Girl : All my best friends are trans. They are awesome

    Me : Well my pronouns are now she/her, let's be best friends

    few months later...

    Girl : damn you are so nice and you understand me so much. to bad you are 'she/her'

    Me : Well lucky you, my pronouns just changed to 'he/him', let's go out on a date...
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    This is a great reply format!

    - GNU / Linux

    - JS / TS

    - async / await

    - [ ... ] / [ ... ] ( sconstruct / deconstruct )
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    Just use thee/their and get rid of that gender nonsense completely. Apart from a pretty specific group of jobs, it normally shouldn't matter which gender someone has, has not, wants to have or wants to not have.
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    @Oktokolo yeah just use this/that instead 🀣
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    Just consider it being sexual roleplay taken too seriously to the level of people in asylum believing they are Bonaparte/Mozart/Einstein and etc.
    And everything will make sense then.
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    @darkwind so because they don’t fit in YOUR spectrum that makes them insane? Judge mental much?
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    Funny, last time I checked there are only two genders and pronouns are pretty easy to figure out based on a fleeting glance.

    but seriously, this is one of those weird moments, where 90% of the population starts doing something just because 10% of the population have a mental disorder. Now Every person on Slack has their pronouns specified, and waw, they all match their actual sex... what a fucking mindblowing revelation, most people are normal and this gender pronouns nonsense is just extra noise? wew :)
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    @ScribeOfGoD they can be believing they are attack helicopter, or being 50 years old while 20 years old, or being Mozart. I don't care. It is their mental issues.
    It will not change their biology, what they are, what is their real age and their real biography.

    I care only about removing propaganda that tells being mental is good. It is not.
    If their mental issues are minor, they are free to live with it. But they should not be influencing healthy people with this stuff.

    If they are men, believing to be women, they should not be allowed into women toilet. Or to women only sport compentions.

    Keep your pervert stuff to yourself basically. Or share only among same pervert communities with NSFW content.
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    I can't πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    @Hazarth this 100%. :)
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    @Oktokolo what about it/its? Gender neutral as fuck
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    Am fking dying, lmfao
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    my two cents:

    if you care - at all - about pronouns (regardless which side of the discussion you are on), you have realised that there's a problem - but abso-fucking-lutely not the slightest clue what it is.
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    @thebiochemic lmao this/that perfect
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    my pronouns are : AFK/LGTM
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    @tosensei so what the problem is then? πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
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    @iiii ...the people who care - at all - about pronouns (regardless which side of the descussion they are on)
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    @iiii It/its are the pronouns for people which have no gender. Most people have some gender though (with the overwhelming majority identifying as male with or without the "fe"-prefix). I am not rude enough to outright deny a person's gender. I just don't want to have to deal with it when it isn't obvious (mostly online).
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    @Oktokolo no gender or you don't care about the gender πŸ€”
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    @iiii There is a non-subtle difference between not caring about the gender and outright denying that it exists. It is sortof like with titles. Not calling someone a doctor isn't the same as calling them an apprentice. "It" implies the absence of a gender in a person while "thee" doesn't. Or at least i hope so - IANAL (i am not a linguist).
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    I laughed so hard! Thank you 🀣
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    My pronouns are Apache/Black Hawk 😑
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    Well, there's a subtle difference. Being called 'doctor' is a title you earn by virtue of finishing a doctorate. It's recognized by society, on a subconscious level. Hell, people don't go to their physicians and call them Mr. Smith. It works because society is used to it.

    This whole gender nonsense has just become another sort of tag (hell, I identify as combat helicopter).

    It's the snowflake-ism with it that bothers me. Making mountains out of sand grains over honest, subconscious mistakes, that are solved with a simple reminder.

    "Hello Susan Marie, nice to meet you"

    "Call me Sue, please"

    And you fucking move on with your conversation, lives, whatever.

    I mean, it's always a nice gesture to respect the info if it's passively presented to you, but OP's exchange is, to me, a fucking waste of brain cycles.

    It may become commonplace and ingrained in us? Maybe. Will it happen in this generation? Sure not. Perception as a whole is not that fast.
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    @boombodies Please tell me this is 100% made up?

    If not, which country are you in, and what the fuck is going on with this screwed up generation? Bring back face slapping, because there are some people that really deserve a few.
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    my pronouns on linkedin are set to computer / computers

    I won't change it.
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    @fullstackclown Well you never know.
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    @darkwind except the your sexual orientation, gender identity, and what’s between your legs are not the same. Because you’re a transphobe they have to continue to hide and live in fear? The World Health Organization negates why you think so I’ll let you continue living in your bubble since that’s your wish. Peace and love my guy
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    @tosensei it’s not the pronouns, it’s people that blatantly refuse to use what someone wishes to be called. It’s respecting your fellow person. Does it hurt the one that has to do it? Not at all, they’d rather just cry about words and not wanting to be decent.
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    @ScribeOfGoD WHO is not an infallable deity and also a subject for propaganda of harmful ideas.
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    @ScribeOfGoD and it's also people who CARE what other people call them.

    it's all just arbitrary labels without any meaning.

    seriously. as long as it's clear you mean me, call me whatever the fuck you want. it is _not_ insulting if you "mispronoun" me out of ignorance or whatever. and if you _want_ to insult me, my preferences (or what you call me) doesn't matter anyway.

    the matter of pronouns really, 100%, exclusively is an issue because stupid people -on both sides- make it an issue instead of focusing on real problems.

    also: if people really are bothered by what pronouns other people use/what pronouns other people want to be used, they're so far up their fucking ivory tower of first-world-problems, so far removed from the real world, that they don't matter.

    at all.
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    @tosensei "hey you!" should work too πŸ€”
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    @CoreFusionX My thread wasn't about whether to use any or a neutral pronoun - it was whether to use the neutrum pronoun for people who neither are, nor identify as neutrum.

    If using pronouns, it makes a difference whether you mention someone while also mentioning that they have the neutral gender - or just don't mention the gender of the person at all. The easiest solution to the whole gender messup is to switch to gender neutral communication wherever the gender isn't relevant.
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    This comment section feels like a minefield of transphobia...
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    @galena That are some really thoughtful arguments, you seem to not have here. Grats to outing yourself as not being interested in any discussion about the topic whatsoever.

    Here is your participation prize: ❄️
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    @Oktokolo Yeah, its a very difficult topic, especially for me. And I know I can avoid a lot of drama, by only participating if I'm directly involved. Cause anything else is is pretty much a waste if time.
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    @Grumm no because you are a not respectful of trans people
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    How fucking arrogant are you when you need to announce your pronouns. "You shall adress me in a way I want to even when I am not present!" No I fucking wont you wet wipe!
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    @jeeper that's some high level gaslighting on a global scale
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    @jeeper But where is the line ?

    And no my comment was more a joke. I have more respect for trans or people who actually change.

    In this world, you are either a male or female. That you don't like it, all respect for it. No judgement on that.
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    @Grumm I suggest you look into intersex people. It’s really helpful to make things that are common into universal applications. But nature does not give a fuck. It does not fit neatly as we would like. It’s always trying to change to be the fittest.

    The trouble with trans jokes is they always are right on the edge an aggression and somebody is going to take it over that line. I think these jokes will age about as well as Asian accent jokes have or as well as minstrel humor has. Humor works better when you punch up or level. It always feels like punching down if you are cis making fun of trans, because it’s not something you are going to get picked on for. Though if anybody wants to put how funny it is for cis people get offended by putting their pronouns out there, go for it.

    I get it, people who present different from their pronouns can be too sensitive. But being overly sensitive about someone asking you to use certain pronouns is also cringe.

    Lastly, the rise of putting our pronouns out there in electronic communication has been a boon for folks with androgynous names like Ashley, Leslie, Kris, etc.
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    @jeeper dude, existence of a very small amount of intersex people does not validate such worldwide gaslighting.
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    @iiii dude, the existence of a few wheelchair bound people does not justify the world wide gaslighting that we need accessibility built in to places.

    Do you folks even hear yourselves? Do you have any idea how you sound to people who have met trans people and have trans friends?
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    @jeeper false analogy. Usual demagogy tactics.
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    @jeeper I know some and they are just normal people. They don't want extra attention or needs.

    They also don't make a big deal if they got called with the wrong pronoun.

    And that is where it is all about in this rant no ?

    Why should someone start a conversation with 'hey, my pronouns are x/y, don't you dare call me with something else or I will be offended and call the devil on you sinner'

    When you know the person, you also know what he/she went through to actually get were he/she is right now.
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    How bout „she/him“
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