Today, I dropped my 5900x while cleaning the computer. It's dead. pins got bent and one pin got loose.

I feel like crying... please send prayers and thoughts.

R.I.P AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 5900x 12 Cores 24 Threads 70 MB Cache 3.7 GHz up to 4.8 GHz. You will be missed.

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    You removed the chip to clean it? Bruh...

    This is sad. I am sorry. I hate that feeling of something you cannot undo. The helpless fml.
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    You can try if it works with ram in only one of the slots, or maybe try also removing pci-e cards. I used an AMD Phenom once with missing pins where one of the memory channels was broken. It only worked with memory on one of the channels.

    Resoldering a pin is not impossible, but it is very difficult especially if you don't have good equipment.

    RIP, cpu that got Linus'd.
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    my condolences,

    but you kinda tried your luck, when you pulled your cpu from it's socket..

    i guess i'm stating the obvious here,
    but hopefully a valuable lession has been learned for the next cpu: under all circumstances it stays in the mainboard, unless you're upgrading to another cpu or reseating the cpu because it doesn't work properly (after an upgrade for example).

    And no, reapplying thermal paste is not an excuse to pull out the cpu.
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    Well, it is just a CPU. You will find another one eventually.
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    @thebiochemic sometimes the cpu comes out of the socket when you remove the heatsink.
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    @Kernel you should ask Rhoshandiatellyneshiaunneveshenk Koyaanisquatsiuth Williams how she feels.
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    Look up the AM4 pin diagram, could be "just" one of a few power or ground connections that's not needed to work
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    @devRancid yeah, don't assume it's dead just because one pin is loose or broken.
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    @electrineer that is fair, but twisting the heatsink instead of pulling it helps a lot at this stage.
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    @thebiochemic Also, let the CPU run at 100% load for a while to warm shit up, then shut the PC down and proceed with the twisting.
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    One clarification: My AIO was dead. And I was replacing it with a new one. And when I removed the heatsink, it came off with the CPU. I didn't want to remove it from the motherboard, but it happened anyway.

    Anyway, I got a new CPU. (It was cheaper compared to the original one still it was expensive to purchase)
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    After installation, The Current temperature is around 45-60c.
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    How ironic that yours died the same day I had mine of exact same model first delivered
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    There's a trick to broken pins instead of soldering it back:

    you take a pin (like stitching pin, or similar) and cut it to a bit longer than a cpu pin.

    Then put it in the mb hole where the missing pin would go.

    The idea is to get the length right so when cpu is placed and locked the loose pin will touch the cpu.
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