Dev: Why did you suddenly start adding random whitespace to the end of all of the files in your PRs?


Dev: ?

Manager: That’s a way I came up with for tracking my contributions. Every time I edit a file I add a line of whitespace at the bottom so it’s clear to everyone how much and how often I’ve contributed to the team. Although I haven’t been doing it this entire time so I had to make up for this by adding more to files that I *know* I’ve touched a bunch before. Just think! Especially with how big my PRs are compared to everyone else the tally of my contributions is going to get huge!

Dev: …

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    What the... Fuck?

    Does this manager use git without actually knowing anything about git? (Which I can image after reading some previous rants)
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    Dude! Whitespace matters! lol
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    This can't be real. Nobody's THAT stupid. If they were, they would forget to breathe and natural selection would do its thing.

    That's how I know this can't be real. It just can't
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    @Lasoloz Yup. He types what he’s memorized into the cli. He understands none of it. Any problem outside of the rudimentary workflows he’s familiar with he pulls in a dev to hold his hand. If you give him any explanation other than just the commands needed to do what he wants he throws a temper tantrum.
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    @Demolishun Yeah but so does an LOC over 9000. /s
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    @netikras I don’t think it’s stupidity in this case I think it’s narcissism and arrogance. He doesn’t like git and anything other than the basics of how to push and pull he thinks is for try-hard nerds and that there’s better things to spend time on.
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    @netikras Plus if I showed him git blame it’s all he’d use all day in order to pull people into meetings and dress them down about writing a line of code that was involved in a bug which is more annoying than having 300 lines of code in a ~320 line file
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    Thought this was gonna be about automatic newline insertion on the last line for convenience,

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    @boombodies since he doesn't know git-blame.. Why not just remove those blanks? 😁 blame it on IDE's autoformatter 😁
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    mutter... loc contribution game... mutter mutter.

    Why not add a space at the end of every line in file you edit??
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    @netikras "Nobody's THAT stupid" - every time someone says this, the universe thinks "challenge accepted"...
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    @netikras wishful thinking saving the day :)
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    @netikras considering the past rants, it seem she works at a freak circus 😂😂😂
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    This is such a dangerous and annoying mix of stupid and asshole.
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    Granted though, old mate is thinking out of the box. Maybe he should be an entrapreneur and see his own start up going rock-bottom instantly
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    @netikras would git blame even help him if you remove lines :)

    You cannot have a blame on a line that do not exist ;)

    For that you need the commit log and compares.
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    One day all the other people will be dead
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    @boombodies “types what he’s memorized into the cli”

    Aren’t we all?
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