Bitcoin is $2,450 and all i can do is google the price.

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    A few days ago it was at around $1,990... 😨
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    Has there been an upswing in people buying hooker's and coke?
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    @katbreitin Either it was bender buying hookers and blackjack with bitcoin or it just was because of people who WannaCry. ;)
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    You can still buy some and hope for further rise :)
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    :( I had 4 bit coins a couple of years back and I used them to buy pizza
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    @ChappIO those 4 bitcoins could have bought you approximately 540.44 pizzas at $18.00 a piece.
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    My friend had 7, and bought a miner machine. Needles to say it still hasn't made its price back...
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    @qbasic16 You have love how some people's loss is bender's gain.
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    The spike in bitcoin's price is also due to it being an approved currency for trade in Japan.
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    The bubble is beginning, see even grandmas rushing in to buy in. Will be painful when it pops.
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    @DevMaterial yep now they could
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    Time to move onto ethereum
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    The thing is if you would have invested 17$ in BTC last week you would have 24$ now. And I am actually thinking about such a low Investment of some dollars to get some satoshis
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    Meanwhile my apartment is 30°C because my PC is mining ZEC
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    Fuck yeah, lets go to Japan @Kro9k
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