No. No. And Absolutely No.

The Three Laws of Robotics MUST not be broken.


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    Please God let CA drop into the ocean this year.
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    well, if someone with too much money sees a way to profit by a thing (in this case via "selling the best kill-bots"), it WILL happen.

    the laws of robotics are no match for the laws of the underregulated market, i'm afraid.
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    A.J. Murphy: called?
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    Of course they use what is available. This isn't an airsoft match. Getting hit really hurts and there is no respawn.

    So yes, police, military and the criminals will use bots if they can reduce their own exposure to hostilities that way. Not doing so would be incredibly stupid. But as muggers in general most often actually are pretty darn stupid, robbery by armed drone will probably not become the norm soon...
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    @Oktokolo you rather mean: because muggers in general aren't rich enough to buy an armed drone. (otherwise they probably wouldn't need to mug)
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    @Oktokolo hmm, business idea...drug dealers have money...
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    Having been bodyguard for 10 years, fucking agree.

    Still, I don't think we are at that point yet (as in, military is, but on the scale of police interventions).

    If they do use bots, they are likely to still be remotely human-controlled bots. Not terminators in disguise 😂.

    Who knows, maybe policemen will end up being substituted by fps e-sports stars (joking, obviously, don't kill me)
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    Adding to my previous comment.

    In a country like USA where any rando and their mother could pull a fucking assault rifle on me, I'm in to any advantage law enforcement can get.
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    @CoreFusionX I don't think that is outside the realm of possibility. Fortnight is now a skill set...
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    I don't think videogames are a negligible skill.

    Being good at competitive (and some non competitive too) games implies an above average level at various skills, such as coordination, ability to reason under pressure, min maxing, etc.

    My main gripe with that is mainly that in this specific case, being any effective law enforcement requires some "street wisdom", that would be hard to find in e sport stars due to their line of indoors work and general youth.
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    Wasn't this supposed to happen in Detroit? Don't these guys know their history?
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    @CoreFusionX Yeah, a while back they made medical doctors play nintendo games because the surgery controller was really similar. Teaches spacial awareness, and coordination.
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    @CoreFusionX I don't think the argument is against the robots themselves. The argument is against police, that have already proven themselves untrustworthy, having access to machinery that the military uses to quell insurgents in foreign conflicts.

    These machines just happen to be remotely controlled with lethal intent, but more on that in a minute.

    A zone of conflict is not even remotely similar to the most dangerous domestic locations where this would remotely be useful.

    What kind of situation would the police EVER need this equipment in? They already have tools readily at their disposal that would allow them to maintain pubic safety. If they don't have the tools, national guard or other branches of the military are available for this reason.

    Back to intent. Any citizen, walking around pubic with the intent to harm another person is breaking laws. By deploying these robots, the police are literally saying they will kill you if they feel you are a threat. Who makes that decision?
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    @sariel I see your points and think there is validity. I also remember talking to a DA agent when I was a kid. He showed us a machine gun that was taken off the street. Then there is the guys that are showing up in military grade battle armor. The famous one was during the 90s that I remember. They had to bring in sharp shooters if I remember correctly. Then there are the people who see a police car and immediately shoot the occupants. I think the tech could be abused, but at the same time it might take people out of harms way. I think if it is employed it could lead to an arms race of tech however. Very likely we will see drones show up with pistols attached.
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    Lovely… cannot wait for Boston Dynamics abominations randomly targeting civilians with armor piercing bullets just because some obscure JS dependency got corrupted 🙃
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    @netikras RoboCop is a horror movie, bro died and they fixed him so they can put his ass back to work, shit scares the fuck out of me.
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    @sariel data, lots and lots of data, which makes it even scarier and less reliable.

    We just ain't there yet. And I see this more of a cyberpunk dystopia beginning than anything else.

    We should 100% make advancements in robotics....for like prosthetic shit and the likes, organs and whatnot. But automated killing dolls that could put morons with the money that Musk has in the power to create these things and sell them to the highest bidder? fuck to the fuckitty no
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    @AleCx04 I heard a marine tackled an armed military drone that started targeting spectators at some demonstration somewhere. I thought it was just a plot of robocop, but with the advances we made I am not so sure. I know the military is trying decide if AI should be given the authority to make a kill determination in drones.
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    @CoreFusionX I've read another article about it and it's about explosive roomba's basically. When in your 10 years experience as a bodyguard did you need that? But hey it's fun to blow shit up, especially the "bad guy" like in all the movies

    I'm pretty sure this is an internal arms race in the US. Other countries that have decent gun laws don't have these issues. There is a great John Oliver episode about police invasions and training sure not all cops are like that but they have the same authority to use these new toys.
    You are completely right about the e-sport athletes. Teams even have leaders that besides the individual strategic and tactical skill to further boost the effectiveness. They are young with awesome reflexes. It would be very American to deploy them in combat situation and they would be lethal. However most situations don't have to be and for that you need the street team of humans not the kill squad.
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