Medium Article Title: How to Optimize Your Use of the Terminal

Dev: Oh goody.

Article Content: The terminal is a cli that devs use in order to work at their jobs. It is a very important tool in which… (continued)

Dev: …


This isn’t high school english class, you can skip the circle jerk introduction.

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    Unfortunately the prognosis of the article is bleak. In fact, it is terminal...
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    Yeah, SEO dictates that you have to stuff 17000 words telling you the obvious shit you already know in order to answer a simple question.

    Like, the other day I searched for a recipe.

    "Why x is good for your health"
    "Why x is sustainable"
    "What kinds of x there are"

    All fucking filler "content" just so they rank better.

    The actual recipe was a single paragraph lost in ads and irrelevant stuff.

    The moment search engines implement user-based deranking, this bullshit will stop.
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    That’s the internet of today.

    You search for some answer that can be phrased in 3 words.

    Some article pops up on a website that you never heard of.

    You are greeted with a cookie banner, 80% size of the screen. You first need to look for whatever button you need to press this time so that it fucks off.

    You see a large stock image 70% the size of the screen, trying to look nice and adding nothing of value. Followed by a large font title covering the rest of the space of the screen.

    You scroll down the wall of text containing countless paragraphs of useless text. In between some huge blocks with images referencing other articles about some important term in the middle of the text.

    You completely forgot that without an ad blocker, this would be an even greater nightmare.

    You scrolled too far and see the comments section and links to related articles.

    You scroll up and down a couple more times and finally find that 3 words that answer your question.
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    @Lensflare I go to youtube to watch 60 second video. It pops up and I try and wait out the timer on the ads. It proceeds to popup 3 ads in a row. I just close the tab and stop going to youtube.

    I did finally install ublock origin though. So maybe this won't be like this anymore.
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    Recommend installing AAKlist too.

    Won't block any extra ads, but will block anti-AdBlock scripts and other annoyances like blocking the ad but keeping the space with a message "please whitelist us" or whatever.
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    technically, learning what a terminal is, is the first step at getting better at using terminal.
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    As an SEO, I absolutely hate this. It's so lazy and such a bad experience. However, usually when you come across such low quality articles, they are written by cheap freelancers who rely on AI too heavily.
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    @CoreFusionX If you publish some content on your own site, search engines will rank it relative to content from other sites based on SEO metrics; if you publish it on Medium, search engines will rank it relative to other content from Medium because they don't want to show too many results from a single website.

    If your site has short but relevant content that's not necessarily such a big problem for SEO - it might get ranked a bit lower but you can often still get on the first page. However, if you publish that kind of content on a platform with a ton of other content you're competing with all that content not in terms of SEO or relevance but in terms of user engagement within the platform, and the platform prefers longer content because it means users spend more time on the platform.
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    Absolutely, I'm aware of how page rank works.

    Still doesn't mean it's not a waste of space and mental effort.

    Unfortunately, said big platforms, like medium, just care about getting all the traffic, no matter if what they serve you is shit.
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    @Lasoloz dont forget to tap the clap button a couple of times*
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    I'll say that again. Medium is cancer.
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    @cprn well, it is definitely the medium for *something* to be transmitted. Cancer would be a good guess.
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