Where are all the entry level jobs

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    Let me know when you find them.
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    There are tons of them, and companies complain that they don't find enough staff.

    Or, wait - do you mean jobs with entry level salaries or with entry level qualification requirements? That might explain the difference...
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    They were considered Easy Money so they were Exiled. Who knows where they are ? The Devils’s Triangle, maybe ?
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    Taken over by AI and automation
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    @webketje see this is my theory. Then there will be no new blood in the market, so in x years there will be excess open senior roles and no one to fill them
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    @Fast-Nop requirements
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    @phoooooebe Back when I was a fresher, my first company had a substantial assembly codebase for an embedded system. My uni thesis had been about doing stuff in Matlab and then porting that to signal processor assembly. Getting a fresher with a track record of being able to cope with assembly made it an easy deal for them.
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    There are plenty of entry level jobs. Just need to know cloud infra (as code), front end, back end with soap graph ql and rest, DBs (profiling and tuning included), native iOS and Android, security, and cryptography. CICD tools knowledge is a plus but not required.
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    Entry level jobs in tech may be a political commodity.
    My last two companies would only ever hire greenhorns from specific schools because they had deals with the schools themselves and local governments.
    Schools will offer free consulting services and higher level training in exchange for getting their graduates some quick career ingress.
    Local govts will even give tax incentives if you funnel they nerdy sixteen y.o.s into tech low level jobs.
    It's no wonder that so few of those kids try for a tech career after a year or two.
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    No idea why there's a general lack of entry level jobs

    But I can tell you that per company hiring can come in random waves.

    At my first job I was hired straight out of college along with a bunch of other green devs. The next year I tried to help hire more people straight of of colleage. But found out that basically all teams in the company now had such a high ratio of junior devs that they couldn't take on any more.

    Wasn't until 2 years later when me and my "class of hires" had become experienced that the company felt they could hire more rookies.
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    Just start off with a support position. Start doing some coding. Get good at that and then put in your resume how you used it to solve problems at the company. Saving them time and shit.

    Then start looking for work related to the code you built. Viola you're a programmer.
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