RIP servers of https://robinsonsmovieworld.com//

I guess he must've gotten fired. It requests for the system time from the server, gets a response, and then displays it on the page.

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    Awesome! But is it UTC converted to local time? 😂😂😂
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    Goddamn what a horrible thing to do when you could just get the Users time, timezone and convert it without touching precious server resources! Every second to I guess. Grim.
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    First year fullstack web dev students be like
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    We get time from servers too because we need to be sure it's the right time. but we have a dedicated microservice for it and it costs like less than one cpu core for 1500 requests per second. Still hope we never get this spam bug though
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    I feel like 1 request for time should be made. And then the necessary offsets could be applied to the users computer, if the time is off. And then let the users computer do the rest of the work
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    At least he is not refreshing the page everytime he gets server time 😂
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    @localdam wait what? So in every single instance of user input you don't trust the user but you'd rather ask them the time than tell them the time?
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