How Programmers review code

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    Welcome to Devrant 😂
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    I want to say "Don't be ridiculous!", but you're so totally right.
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    Won't look good without a dark theme
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    Bikeshedding at its finest
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    @aceface What's "bikeshedding"?
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    TLDR; people have opinions about trivial things because its easy to understand. Not so with complex things, because they dont understand them.

    So, short code reviews get lots of comments because it's easier to pick them apart than longer code needing review
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    @aceface Interesting... never heard the term before. Not really intuitive but that's probably just a language/region thing. Bikeshedding where I'm from would involve romantic liaisons!! 😆

    But that aside, I have problems with the term. Everybody forms opinions on subjects even if they don't understand them. Especially if they don't understand them. Problem is they then get evangelical and they haven't a notion what they're talking about. Sorry for taking the thread on a tangent.
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    Friend wanted me to look over some hella long code, I looked for like a minute, got up, "looks like code"
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    I printed that one and have put it up in the kitchen a year back or so. Always remember this!!
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    @aceface thx to you and devRant in general for teaching me something new every day 👍😁
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    @aceface didn't know about bike-shed effect ! Tnx for sharing.
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    Exactly why I think code reviews are a fucking joke.
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    Of course

    Everything is good after 500 lines of cocaine
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    hey where did you get this picture of me?!? lol I think maybe is my long lost twin ;P
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