i HATE snake oil idiot types

red flags:

- "interested" in tech but have no programming experience or knowledge, no real work experience

- they claim they can provide assistance and guidance to people in machine learning!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

- private instagram, weird

- spent all their money on their instagram profile picture, looks like those dumb finance gurus with a lambo

- is, in reality, unemployed

what value do you provide to society?

really its just people who are good at talking and can convince other people of equal or lower (not higher) intelligence but not really can't DO anything

and they wonder why so many companies fail

what a fucking joke i hate you

its really not just annoying its immoral - and thats the part i despise so much

grow up, put in some work, and be valuable to society

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    I feel you.

    Unfortunately, it is the way we allowed western society to work.

    We shit on places like Korea for having a fucking hardcore meritocracy, but then we have to deal with useless leeches. Very 🤡 indeed, but on both parts.
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    "but not really can't DO anything" now i'm the unintelligent typo 🤡
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    My native language does not have double negatives. Meaning was understood all the way through XD.
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    is it that weird protecting your private photos from stalking weirdos? The rest... 100% validated
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    @bigmonsterlover private instagram is fine, but not when their description is "I am an AI expert and help companies build AI systems!"

    just feels like a marketing ponzi scheme, if you're so great and treating your instagram like a business account, why not make it public?
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    @fullstackclown an account needs to be public before it can be made into business or creator account. Instagram is by no means a measurement of proficiency. Friendly advice, stop ruminating that, or you will digest your sanity
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    @bigmonsterlover who said anything about my sanity still being intact?
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    @fullstackclown dropping it in a meatsack of acid will fuck you up
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