another day another downvote to 0 on a stackoverflow post of a bug that is confirmed and reproducible


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    Why would you post about bugs on SO?
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    @Jason Back up to +1 Jase, HTH. Seems like a classic example of why many people find SO *too* toxic - as well as you being downvoted, the question is dismissed as being the same as another one that is not actually the same at all.

    Also, if SO truly is intended to be 'a Q and A format reference site' then what is wrong with providing a solution to your own question? You might attract upvotes, you might not. I'm writing as someone who values SO, has benefitted from it many times and posted an answer earlier today, but it could very easily be better at what it does.
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    Read about SO's philosophy.

    I think I have an idea that wll capitalize on SO's hostility: nicestackoverflow.com

    Don't register it before me
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    @hardCoding but obviously it should be called underflow
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    @jeeper you should get that
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