Someone just rang the IT Helpdesk moaning that outlook wasn't syncing his mail and it was because the brand new laptop he's just gotten is crap.

So first, the guy on the helpdesk asked to log into the users laptop to look at outlook.
He apparently isn't at his laptop and doesn't have time for anyone to log in!
Wtf lol
So he rings back 10 mins later when at his laptop but wont let the helpdesk log in as he has 'confidential' documents open.

Wtf, close them, why are you ringing us to look at your laptop if you won't let us log on?? lol

So helpdesk was like ok, just check cat cable is plugged in, check wifi is off, do a send/receive etc. and the user's like yes, they're all okay!

Helpdesk tells him to reboot his pc. He does so.
Doesn't resolve it.
Skip forward another 10 painful minutes while the helpdesk guy is pulling his hair out checking everything in the background, and all looks fine.

User then says "should i also turn off my iPhone?"
Helpdesk: 'No, outlook is just on your laptop'.
User: 'No *assured laugh* its on my phone too. I get emails there too'
Helpdesk: 'No, you use the generic 'Mail' app on your phone. Outlook is a separate app. We don't use it.'
User: 'But you're not listening, regardless of the app name, that's my problem, mail's not working on my phone'.
Helpdesk: '.....so why didn't you say so 20 minutes ago when i asked to log into ur laptop?'

User: 'Didn't think it was relevant. Laptop was fine. Assumed you'd know'.





Shockingly, a phone restart fixed it. The user couldn't remember the last time he'd turned the thing off.

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    Friend: "Whenever I send a message to this number it never arrives"
    Me: "When did you last restart the phone?"
    F: "I don't know, I can't restart it"
    M: "Why not?"
    F: "I can't remember the PIN code"

    When she bought a new phone months later she suddenly remembered the PIN code(what a miracle!) and everything worked again.
    Who would have guessed.
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    How in the name of sanity can anyone be that stupid?
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    But hey. Isn't that who helpdesk is for: stupid, inexpert people.
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    @Number0 hahahaha LONG LIVE THE USERS! So we can all keep our jobs!
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    I, once again, voice my vote for an internet license. Proof you can formulate a halfway acceptable error report and that you can follow basic troubleshooting instructions and you get the license to have an internet connection.
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    If they can't manage them phones, how could they manage people? (That's no an absolute truth, fortunately!)
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    Just had a user call me because the waiting icon on the windows mouse icon was annoying him. The software is loading wtf you it's job is?!
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    @joas Well yes, it is. But some folks really push stupidity to whole new levels... Anyone can lack expertise, and most of us will do the decent thing and help them. But this one sounds just plain, downright obtuse.
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    @Godisalie While I fully support your idea, and even add parenthood to it, I must bring this contradiction up:

    There is a driving license, yet 19/20 drivers in every given region don't know the rules nor how to operate the vehicle.
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    @Noob But at least they appear to be able to operate the vehicle and don't need to ask the car mechanic every 2 hours what these black swishing things on the windshield are.
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