Need to debug a plugin a Client purchased. Just saw:
if (true) {
$a =1+1;
} else {
$a = 1+1;
What the fuck. Don't want to imagine how the rest looks like...

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    There is even a variable named "phan_nguyen"... gonna be a long night
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    Learn where the developer is from. You know, in PHP the scope operator :: has hebrew name as a symbol. For a long time it was the main error info. Imagine my WTF when I saw this the first time.
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    Reasons I don't use wordshit
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    @mt3o what Hebrew symbol are you talking about?
    i know the vast majority of them as i speak and read Hebrew daily..
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    Paamayim Nekudotaim ( :: )
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    Once worked with one WP plugin that randomly insertes a blanck row in the users table, new users were un able to crete an acc
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    @bioDan two times two dots. As stated above.
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    Don't slag WP. This guy who wrote it obviously was paid by LOC.
    WP itself isn't bad. It's the idiots who write shitty plugins.
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    @mt3o @Demitpi omfg that's unnecessarily long 😳
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    @bioDan The developers of PHP didn't find a proper english name for that operator, so they left it with the hebrew(english) translation😅
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    @Demitpi how do they prefer that to simply "doubleColon" or something? I'm inclined to think it was an intentional troll 😈
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    @bioDan it's the Scope Operator. Now it's named that way, however it's symbol name is T_PAASOMETHING. And this won't change :-)
    For what is worth, error messages regarding this operator are more descriptive these days.
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    In PHP OctoberCMS is quite cool, built on Laravel. I like it much more, coming for 5.5 soon too. Just my opinion, and I haven't had any happiness with WP myself.
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