Trying to teach coding to a kid:
Kid: Can you teach me XCode?
Me: No but I can teach you Swift or Objective-C
Kid: But I want to learn to code in XCode
Me: Yes you will code in XCode but I will teach you swift
Kid: My dad said that you actually know how to code but apparently not.

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    "but i want to learn XCoooodeeee because it sounds so much coooolerr!"
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    Haha what a f*cking brat! But still, you could as his teacher explain to him the difference between an environment an a language, but that's none of my business. *sips coffee*
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    Rat kid in 3, 2..
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    And I know how to code Visual Studio, Android Studio and Eclipse!
    Don't know why people here use C#, PHP, Swift ..etc and all those nonsense stuff
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    i dont know why you didnt. but i would have already said the first time he mentioned xcode what it is. i mean it could really be that this brat simply dont know the what xcode or an ide is. and the best way to get youngsters into learning is explaining everything they think they know and not simply ignoring/ overlooking it
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    There is certain amount of patience that one person can possess, and this kid is sure as fuck testing yours.
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    I would leave at this point.
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    I mean its a kid so i wouldnt Mind this Kind of stupidnes but on the otherside there a developers who dont know this ether and thats Kind a sad xD
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    Teach him how to storyboard 😂😂😂
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    i can code chrome and firefox
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    Actually... because you spend 50% of the time un-fucking Xcode problems, the kid has it right. You have to learn Objective C or Swift and how to unfuck-Xcode.
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    also, you did your responses kinda wrong.
    i understand you passive-aggeessiveness, i'd have it too, but the correct reaction would be like:

    when you browse the internet, are you browsing chrome, or are you browsing the internet, using chrome to do it?

    same thing with xcode.
    you don't program in xcode, you program in swift language, using Xcode editor to do it
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