What I learned while developing AI today:

Lots of arrays... too many arrays...

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    Looks like you are not that begineer.
    For me, it just sounds as bunch of if statements.
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    If statements are a bit basic. I made chat bots like that in high school but it wasn't called AI back then.

    When your code has templates that look like <im<cc<cv<cv<cv<shake,3>,512>,512>,512>,96> and crash 32-bit MSVC (reminding you to use x64 host tools), then you are getting close.
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    Actually AI stands for "Arrays and If statements".

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    @IAmNotARobot Not to mention the amount of for loops... so to be even more precise. AI stands for Arrays and IF statements, and IF stands for if and for...
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    ... and wait until you discover the power of graphs...
    ... vertices! vertices and edges everywhere!
    arrays will stay, though, it's just going to get a new layer/overarching theme on top =D
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