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    Nice! Reminds me of Faith's tattoo from Mirrors Edge Catalyst.
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    wtf you actually look like your profile
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    Would be fun to have conductive ink, just like this conductive paint that everybody finds awesome for some reason, and have small circuits inked on your arm. Like hold a batery and an LED to your body and it starts blinking
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    @RazorSh4rk don't you? From all ranters Ive seen photos of they all look pretty close to their profile pic.
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    @Codex404 i..dunno, let me start a thread
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    @jobylie I think that's actually a thing in the works, if I recall correctly from a Vsauce2 video
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    Almost thought I was in Snapchat 😧
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    As long as you aren't tattooing

    "<?php phpinfo(); ?>"

    on your arm.

    Because then everyone would be asking why you tattooed a turd on your bicep.
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