The truth is, I don't give two shits if you're a girl, woman, man, black, white, yellow striped with pink polkadots or a transgenderfluid 2headed Ogre kin married to a nuclear penguin from mars- the fact is, what I need you to be is professional. So shut your yapping about your personal shit and get to fecking work.

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    .. And fuck yer bloody blog! Gah!
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    or that one annoying person that spends ages arguing about "what he thinks should be done" when isn't even a developer
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    your rant offend me
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    Well fuck, I’ll just take my purple polka dotted stripy white ass back to work.
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    @C0D4 Merry christmas you filthy animal! *gunfire* ...And a happy year!
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    @TerriToniAX I meant happy *new* year. Well, you all get what I mean and what I'm referring to :)
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    Its the complete lack of professionalism that bothers me most of all
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    @evilmupp3t you've upset the a-sexual non-genders (different to gender fluid).

    You should expect a discrimination lawsuit in the mail.
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    You got me at 'nuclear pinguin'
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    This Right here, gender and identity equality for all, just get your fucking work done!
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    Professionalism is everything.
    There are moments to talk, and there are momentos to work hard!
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    Talk is cheap, show me the code — Torvalds.
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    Omg I'm an Apache helicopter and I wasn't mentioned!!!
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    The truth is idgaf.

    Jk I love your rant
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    You offended me because i identify as a gun toting country hick.
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    ... As long as you use spaces for tabs :p
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    var happy = new Year();

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    @kwilliams Something like that. Found in the References of project HomeAlone, don't remember which version.
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    > Math.max() > Math.min()

    Wait.. what?

    > Math.max()

    > Math.min()

    Nothing left to say..
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    @just8littleBit Ummmm. Max and min Are functions that find the largest and smallest of a set of inputs. You do know that right? You are here calling them with no input... and expecting a valid answer?
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    @Froot holy shit. I didn't wanna comment this rant.. I wanted to post.
    Sorry about that. :/
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    @just8littleBit Haha yea it did seem a little off topic 🤣
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    @NoMad Awwww fuck off. That's some racist shit right there.

    Yes you heard it right, your comment is racist against white men.

    No-one is stoping women or non-binary (whatever the fuck that means) Apache helicopters enroll for a STEM field in university. Ask them why they're not doing it instead of blaming us for doing it.
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    @NoMad And what luxuries are you even talking about?
    The luxury of being broke as fuck and working your ass off to afford a decent living standard? Or what did you think that all white men are born with a silver spoon in their mouth and a throne all ready for them?

    Your conception of the world is so flawed it's not even funny
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    @Froot the term you looking for is "American feminist". guys have it good, women need safe zones cause all guys are bigot sexist rapist.

    Disclaimer: I have no problem with TRUE feminist, I call myself an EQUALIST meaning I'm not going to judge someone for something they had no control over. but the lack of women is cause the way parents raised their kids.

    now I wait until I get down voted
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    @NoMad I do my best to live by my name cause its what I identify as.

    like I said I'm an equalist, there's more support for women than there is for men. that's why men are more prone to suicide, we are told to get over it. and I never said safe zones were just for women.
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    @NoMad Let's turn that sentence around and see how it sounds.

    I'm tired of all the women
    I'm tired of all the black people

    Sounds nice? Don't think so. It's quite arrogant to label people by their skin colour or sex and you just did that.

    The rest of your comment is just baseless insults. Cool, that'll take the conversation forward for sure.

    And why the fuck are we even talking about safe spaces? What the fuck.

    And how I or @PerfectAsshole raise our kids? Not in a hexadecimal gender safe space, that's for sure.
    Actually, you know what. Get your own kids and worry about them instead of teaching others how to fucking raise their kids
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    @NoMad Lol. Threats
    You sound like you own the world.

    Anyhow, I don't mind you not communicating with me. Life will be better with one less SWJ cat lady in it 🤣
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