Being honest in an interview:

- Can you work under pressure?
- I can, but I'd rather not.

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    That is the shittiest question and it should be banned. Companies that make you work under pressure are clearly badly managed.
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    Pressure times are a normal thing, specially when it comes to projects that involve clients. Every Senior developer have experienced that at least one ~hundred~ times. It is only good to make clear that, even though you can handle it, if pressure is the culture you might not stay for long ... ;)
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    For some of us, pressure is the only way for our lazy asses to start
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    @graviton i agree, nonetheless it can't be a constant status
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    Yeah, heck with that question. But i see that word is used in job requirement so much. I just skip all job offer if the description contain something like "under pressure".
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    Like... Pressure everyday because of bad management or sometimes?
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    "Under pressure, like inside a submarine? "
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    @dlac actually the real pressure is outside the submarine
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    @hugh-mungus thanks. That song is now playing in my brain
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    Give that man the job!
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