You wouldn't download a house

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    I would if my internet connection could handle a house down its copper pipes. Saves buying one.
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    But I would Dow load a car (a 3D mesh at least)
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    I did this when I was young and wondered why it didn't work. I thought it would save the power lol.
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    Plot twist. He's uploading a virus to the house. Soon he'll have a botnet of the whole neighborhood connected by power lines to ddos the nearby (much nicer not that he's salty) neighborhood.
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    Those are some strong resistors right in there.
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    I might, if I could. I had pretty legit sim houses 😂
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    Do you have root access?
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    May be they're downloading electricity
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    You can actually have ethernet over electric cables with the appropriate tech... So the hacking theory seems legit to me :l
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    @MaxS no, the HOA does
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    The technical term is Power-line communication (PLC), the wikipedia has an article about it.
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    I would... But medical series are not my type...
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    House piracy hurts the builders. If you like it, please buy it. *Play cool demo scene music*
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