As a programmer I never expected to become a detective.

My today's task: Find out the cause of the spikes, fix it!

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    I would Sherlock the shit out of that, lol
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    @Jonnyforgotten our RDS CPU usage.
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    Deadlock Holmes
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    I'm more concerned with the apparent 0s... This makes me nervous.
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    Check your incoming network traffic.

    If you have spikes in traffic that match these, then some requests caused - in that case check ur server access log for those time ranges to see which backend exactly was executing.

    If spikes in traffic do not match with spikes in CPU, then may be long forgotten cron job :)
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    @MrJimmy @sinisas @QueenMorgana you guys 🤗... coming from 9GAG it’s so nice to read comments by people that care.
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    It may sound funny, but just make sure before you start that you are looking into the correct metrics and graphs. Otherwise the whole point of being a Sherlock will go vain and your precious time will be wasted.
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