Linux used to be primarily for developers.

But with most software people use becoming browser based (mail, slack, chat, docs, drive etc.) and with Ubuntu UI becoming progressively more user friendly, most lay people can now comfortably switch over to Linux.

Especially for startups for whom Windows licenses feel expensive. Our startup did the same.

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    License cost is not the only thing. Making the apps run in browser makes it almost zero effort to update the client. Also, you can serve a wider audience (mobile devices). A/B experimenting is possible as well
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    @jayeshdhamechai You are the first new guy I have seen whose rant/comment isn't "++ plzzzz" or something similar. You're awesome, have some ++
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    @Froot Thank you! Hoping for a good experience here.
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    What's with the sass tag? 😁
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    @jayeshdhamechai Sure. But you are talking of why moving an app to the cloud makes sense.
    I'm saying that given that a lot of important apps have moved, the OS is less important now. And since browsers are the same on each OS, is much easier for laymen to move to Linux now
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    @Faraaz sorry. I meant SaaS.
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    @ThatDude True. And that's a big reason not to go Linux only on a home computer.
    But I was talking about work computers.
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    @ThatDude Yeah. Me too. And I'm having a lot of fun!
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