This week I quit the corporate life in favour of a much smaller company (60 people in total) and i never felt so good.

After 3 years in 2 big corporations, I began to hate coding mainly because of:
- internal political games. It's like living inside House of Cards everyday.
- management and non-tech people choosing tech stacks. Angular 4 + Bootstrap 4 alpha version + AG-Grid + IE11. Ohhh yeah. Not.
- overtime (even if it was paid double). I never did a single minute of OT for fixing something that I caused. I spent days fixing things caused by others and implementing promises that other people made.
- meetings. I spend 50-60% of the time in pointless meetings (I tracked them in certain time intervals) but the workload is same like I was working 8 hours / day.
- working in encapsulated environments without access to internet or with limited access to internet (no GitHub, no StackOverflow etc.)
- continuously changing work scope. Everyday the management wants something new introduced in the current sprint/release and nobody accepts that they have to remove other things from the scope in order to proper implement everything.
- designers that think they are working for Apple and are arguing with things like "but it's just a button! why does it take 2 days to implement?"
- 20 apps installed additionally on my phone (Citrix Receiver, RSA Token, Mobile@Work Suite etc.) just to be able to read my email
- working with outdated IDEs and tools because they have to approve every new version of a software.
- making tickets for anything. Do you want a glass of water? Open a ticket and ask for it.
- KPIs. KPIs everywhere. You don't deserve anything because the KPIs were not accomplished.

The bad part of the above things is that they affect your day-to-day personality even if you don't see it. You become more like a rock with almost 0 feelings and interests.

This is my first written "rant". If anyone is interested, I will post different situations that will explain a lot of the above aspects.

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    Why did you choose the name 'm0fo' ? Is it 'emm zero eff o' or 'mofo' 🤔🤔🤔
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    Omg that sounds so horrible.. good decision then. I never want to work in such a company...
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    @-psr I saw that coming. I didn't know what nickname to choose as I don't want to use my official nickname (consists in the first letter of my first name + my full last name) and this is typically that I use when I write comments on website etc.

    Why "m0fo" and not "mofo"? Because I can arrange them in such way to look like a face (pareidolia is killing me).

    Why "mofo" as a word? This comes from the times I was in University. I had some stupid roommates and I was arguing with them until they were like "you mofo!!!!11one111one".
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    Motherfuker, that sounds awful.
    Nice nickname tho
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    That sounds like bad corporate culture. Lately mine has been pretty good.
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    I left working for very large bank, now I run my own 8 person software development company, zero corporate BS, the way I like it, no middle managers!!! What's wrong with ag-grid?
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    @ceolter The problem with ag-grid is that it tries to be an AIO in aspects of compatibility with frameworks and functionality. Everything in same package (no separation or addons). That means a lot of bloatware, unstable functionality and extremely bad performance when having tons of data (one of the tables have to display ~15 million entries inside and it keeps going).

    The documentation is written extremely bad, the given demos are just simple things that you can achieve easily, the styling is extremely limited due to divitis markup and the integration with ng4 and ngrx is causing performance issues (ng4 is very sensible with big doms) etc.
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    Do give us more detailed rants.
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    Excellent rant and awesome explanation for the nickname.

    Welcome to devRant!
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    No internet? Big corporation? In 2017?

    Welcome to DevRant!
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    That sounds exactly like my current position... Maybe I should think about changing my employer 🤔
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    @-psr asking the important questions! :-D
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    Thank you, everybody, for the warm welcome. I really appreciate it and I already started to post other stuff.

    @falmesino yeah. the no internet thing is a security policy.

    @deflox don’t rush dude. Sometimes it is better to analyse your situation in depth and take a decision after that.
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