Just because Facebook/Google/Apple are doing something, it doesn't mean it's the future of technology.

No, we're not going to throw out large parts our perfectly good tech stack just because you liked their latest blog post.

If you wanted to always play "follow the shiny thing", you should have become a jeweller. Please learn what independent thought is and how to apply it, the results might surprise you!

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    Exactly people don't think for themselves, social network, news station and their sounding is making negative impact on them. People think 'technology' this term is directly associated with companies like Google, Facebook, apple ect but in reality they are just leafs in the forest of technology.
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    Well said, sir.

    "... become a jeweller."

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    “We need this. It’s what Google uses”
    “Do you serve some millions of requests per second all around the world too?”
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    Oh man this s#!1 is universal
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    Here in Finland companies have realized this and are using the oldest legacy tech stack you can find with no intentions of modernizing it 😃
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    I smell a story behind this rant.
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    Unless you're the one creating shiny things, there's nothing wrong in following shiny things by Apple, Google or whoever (as long as you don't keep changing your mind too frequently to not build anything). AngularJS was a shiny thing, React was a shiny thing. Objective C, Java pretty much everything in the tech industry was a shiny thing once. Shiny things are what keeps us afloat. If you don't follow shiny things, you'll get left behind.
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