Unrelated joke, but please what's the answer

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    None... 🙃
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    Yep, like the man said, none of them
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    left nodes are cut off so we can ignore them, same with 6

    7 will infinitely drain water, and since it drains from 1&2, neither of them will reach 100%
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    @aitkotw 6 doesn’t connect to 2
    7 has a hole in it, so depending on the speed of water flow from the tap the answer is none, or 1 if the flow is fast enough as 1 will overflow.
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    @C0D4 there is a reason I deleted my comment 👍🏻😁
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    The one I rip out of this non-functioning architecture and put on an AWS s3 bucket to make Work.

    Fucking shoddy diagrams again 😂😜
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    wtf does this completely unrelated stuff here on devRant?
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    @PonySlaystation its a logic issue... at a far fetched... attempting to find a relation...
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    To be fair and pretend I don't wish this unrelated stuff should be removed:

    There are multiple solutions:
    1. Water is coming in pretty slow, then none is filled up.

    2. If water runs in faster than it leaves 7, it will fill 7 first.

    3. If water comes in a tiny bit faster, 2 is filled first, then 7 (probably)

    4. If water comes in pretty fast, 1 is filled first.

    I probably should do a simulation on this.
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    @PonySlaystation ahaa, now some programming... :clapping-hands
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    @Jop- now you got me thinking
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    @mykro - I like your style
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    @PonySlaystation ranters are on Facebook and this shit came fe Facebook.

    It would be illogical to think someone might not want to share their unrelated interests here.

    Even if it is a gammy Facebook post, I hope they actually did the background research to show that 90% fail.

    Anyway, I’m enjoying it 😊
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    To be fair man, if you throw that tap on at a really high pressure the top glass would fill before emptying through the connected pipes...

    There’s an assumption here that you couldn’t just turn the tap on at super full mega blast to the point it fills faster than the two drains.
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    I mean none!
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    Filled: 1, Full: None
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    None, since the tap isn't connected to a water source.
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    So obvious, 7 is... not
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    @filo - Best answer!
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    @filo ahh. I came late to answer it. I got this same question from my friends yesterday.
    Everyone was discussing like this rant, and I was like, wait guys, what's the water source!!! 😕
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    @K4YT3X yes, that's why I wrote "runs in faster than it leaves 7" 😉
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    no one of them
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    None . Because Tap doesnt has enought water to fill those cups as it is not connecte to any water source
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