Tester raises bug:
"Error when loading application in Opera 11.1"

Current Opera version - 48

No tester. Just. Fucking. No

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    "Same error when loading in IE7"
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    Golden irony moment: there was a genuine error in IE11 (someone used an ES6 function), and the tester missed it - pushed the build to UAT, who only use IE11

    10/10 dumbass
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    Good job though on being 37 versions of Opera Compatible 😂
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    Dwar Dev,
    There seems to be a similar issue while accessing through Netscape navigator. Kindly look into it too.

    P.S: The ticket had to be closed yesterday!

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    Punch him hard he fucking deserve it 😒
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    The real question is does it work on w3m?

    Really, does it?
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