worst interview was about 2 years ago. I found this job as on a famous website, I applied for a desktop dev. position...the job seemed really easy, after 10 minutes the so-called CTO asked me:" how much do you know C hash?" me:"what?" him:"C hash...the Microsoft programming language" I thanked him for his time and went home crying ( he meant c# )...after a month I found out the company had gone bankrupt...I think I know why..

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    Sure, C and C# are the same thing! Like Java and JavaScript!
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    Achievement unlocked: dodging bullet
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    @k1sul1 he has a point though. you can use a carpet as a car if they're both magical from your perspective
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    It must take a decent set of balls to walk away from a job prospect, kudos to op
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    @magis no balls man... I was shaking, but I was worried to work with these people at start of my carrer
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    @Ben24 but still you walked away rather than take a clearly bad decision, that's a gamble I don't think I could've took. Tbh a lot of the wk7 posts are about stuff like this, it's making me worried for interviewing
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    @magis don't... experience is what will make you a better programmer for the future...and "bad experiences" will help you to understand what job/project is worthy of your time
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    what do you know about c hash 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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