Countdown has begun! July 29 is the last day we see this f***ing dialog. Bye bye annoying Windows 10 update.

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    Lol.. If only..

    You are grossly underestimating Microsoft :-|
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    Just update already!
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    Not going to happen. They said that already once before and chickened out.
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    I like Windows 10 :(
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    @Telescuffle never ever ever ever ever ever
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    @mangs whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?
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    @Telescuffle I think it is mostly really good, but for some people features or even hardware support seem to be really broken. E. g. at my workplace, our fileserver (FreeNAS) is not accessible from Win 10.
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    @Telescuffle I really like win 8.1 👌 I tried 10 but a lot of things made me go back. ie. that you can't use metro startbar with ordinary explorer. The tablet mode just fucks everything up.
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    @okka that's fair. Although in my opinion (not assuming you don't do this already) companies and developers need to help Microsoft support incompatible devices, features & software. I dont see the point of us as end users refusing to use the latest OS. If something isn't compatible and you want it to be, let them know so they can help support you! Like I said, not saying that you don't do this, but I know many devs won't and it really frustrated me with Windows user because many seem to stubborn when it comes to change. Like I said, not aimed at you. More a general observation from people who don't update/upgrade
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    @mangs I get you. Your one of the few who actually liked the metro start bar. I cant say there's anything to fox that with 10. As someone interested in UI/UX, why don't you like the new start bar design? What makes you prefer metro?
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    Windows 10 in my heart...
    Windows 10 i mitt hjärta...

    Take the update before its too late!!!
    Kör uppgraderingen innan det är försent!!!
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    @sebastian Dear god no! 10🔫
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