Why do people have to lie? I am seriously getting tired of it.

Context: While I was on vacation the company hired some guy we’ll call Bob.
Bob is a senior with 10+ years of experience. 5 of those years in React (supposedly).
I got back from vacation and was told I’d be working on a project with Bob.
I’ve worked in teams before so I thought no problem.

Now I am aware that different people have different styles, so that’s why we agreed on a lint config with some fancy git hooks.

I was excited at first because the project actually seems nice, but my excitement soon turned into terror.

First of all, Bob doesn’t seem to understand Git…fair enough, I’ll give him a quick guide…

Mf calls me at 11pm on a Friday because he can’t push because the tests are failling.

Now tests. Bob doesn’t write those. Great.

We had created a few components to use throughout the project.

Bob seems to consistently forget what components are and why you write them and just imports the defaults from the UI library we’re using.

Bob also has a kink for hardcoding values for some reason.

I talked to Bob multiple times about this and he just tells me he’ll change it but in the end the PR stays open for 5 days, before it’s actually me who goes in and fixes it. Oh and yeah this shit keeps happening over and over again.

Now I know some of us devs hate meetings but for the love of God Bob just show up. You don’t even have to speak. Or at least answer a message that corresponds to the working hours and not in the middle of the night.

I am getting tired of this behavior and am seriously holding back from reporting this to the management. It’s been a month and I am seriously worried about the project. I have my own stuff to do but it takes time for me to clean up his absolute mess that doesn’t even pass the CI.

Call me an asshole I don’t care. It’s been a month and I’m legit worried about the future of the project.

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    @b2plane have you tried lying that you have 10+ years of experience?
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    @rudinskiz the job said they need someone with 3+ years of experience in java, i said i have 5+ years of experience in java spring boot (TRUTH) and 8+ years of experience in java (TRUTH), they rejected me because i dont have 10+ years of experience in java.
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    @b2plane you have 8 years Java dev experience but can't use git?
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    Ok maybe he used SVN or something but holy shit claiming 5 years with react and not knowing how to use components??? Plus he’s an asshole for outright calling at 11 pm just bc his dumb brain can’t take the time to learn why ci is failing
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    @b2plane is there a chance you're just very ugly? It's always a factor. I have a friend who gets hired all the time just by looking like a typical nerd. Always wear smart casual clothing
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    @rudinskiz was he code tested during interviews?
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    Yea, in my previous company we had a guy who claimed that git is useless and that he will revolutionize MMOs by using flat files instead of a database to speed up syncing information.
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    @retoor im normal looking. I wear the same glasses like edward snowden. In fact i look very similar to him (maybe more hotter). I wear casual full black shirt (since the meeting is only on webcam). Girls rate me an 8/10 which is beyond impressive in my opinion since im doing coding. My hot blonde gf says she rates me 9.5/10. Im polite while talking with shithead recruiters. But honestly losing my patience for doing hundreds of interviews just to start new interviews at the end. Its annoying. Dont know what the fuck is their problem. They are all mentally fucking retarded people
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    @b2plane ikr

    I've had a... Friend for about 6 years now. He keeps getting jobs, never showing up to the office for months at a time... Yet getting paid... Then getting fired after about a year. Rinse and repeat. I've watched this for 6 years.

    And I'm over here... I can't even escape meetings 😒

    Had one company deduct 0.25 of an hour's pay because I worked 15 minutes under one day 😒
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    @b2plane @retoor I sometimes wonder if it could be looking too high class? For example people from an old workplace seemed to have the opinion that I'd land on my feet fine, so basically treated me as being out of their league

    Also though from watching b2plane it could be he's making angry eyes while being interviewed, idk
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    Now if Bob said he had 10 years of git that would also be hilarious-“what does git pull do? Can I have my 200k now?”
    5 years of React not knowing what a component is 🤣🤣🤣. Fucker should be kicked out of the industry, maybe go into politics or something. I’m not against noobs as we all start out but this fucker not only lied about almost everything but he has the balls to call someone at 11 PM ON A FRIDAY because of his little git issue and skip meetings bc he wants to stroke his dick and eat pizza
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    @b2plane people like this should be kicked out of the industry, period
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    @TeachMeCode got a guy who had 12 years of experience in java at sony Ericsson... He asked me how do you get the length of an array in java.

    A couple months later I watched him download a virus on his computer in realtime trying to get an audio driver... I was just in shock watching the whole thing. He asked me to help and I said... Just find it? And then I watched him go to a suspicious website and download a virus... I didn't even know what to say... I was just mute and my brain died. I don't even.

    Guy turned out alright though. Idk what they did to him before, maybe he was put in a closet for 12 years? In about 6 months he seemed to be able to code independently. I left that company and ran into him later and he was shocked I didn't even say bye! Then I think he talked me up a lot... So not a bad trade
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    @jestdotty he secretly hired someone in china to code for him. When he couldn’t get to his Chinese buddy in time, and had to figure out how to get an array length, he asked you (BC HE COULDNT BE DAMNED TO GOOGLE “ARRAY LENGTH IN JAVA”). I swear some of these people would starve if they weren’t so freakishly lucky. At least he learned to code at the junior level after his 12 years as a “software engineer”
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    I too am tired of so many devs being crap, though the ones that at least try get my respect. AND THE ONES WHO CANT GOOGLE COMMON SHIT LIKE ARRAY LENGTH???? FUCKS SAKE
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    @b2plane I totally forgot about your hot blonde feminine gf when I made that comment 😁 come to matrix and post your photo 😅
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    Bob doesn't seem quite right in the head if he makes work calls at 11PM.

    I'm fine with people having unusual work hours. They normally handle it discreetly. Maybe you get the odd late night notification on slack saying "sorry for the late message, read this tomorrow". But to actually give someone a call near midnight... Sounds like they are spaced out.
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    @rudinskiz there are always some gaps and protecting your people is in your interests.

    However assholes that try to phoney skills they don't have like this, are the same as active malicious thieves. They undermine everything. So report to management as soon and hard as possible with a full stack of evidence.
    It's obvious that he can't really do the job and is slow on the uptake, let alone at the level you want any project member to be. That is resources pulled away from you or a decent coworker you should have had.
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    These people seem to be rather common, and people complain about code tests but I think a good test would do wonders for shitting out people like Bob who say they’re React devs but don’t know what a component is. That’s like saying you’re a microbiologist and can’t use the microscope. I think a good test that isn’t some tricky leetcode shit but something along the lines of creating a small feature with react or whatever tech one would be expected to use would be ideal.

    These assholes get jobs easily and it’s fucked up
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    I feel you mate.

    A senior contacted me recently because he needed urgent help with passing host ressources to docker containers we use for tests and managers were requesting my help. So I give him a bunch of ways to do it on the dockerfile or the Linux command line, and the use case was vague to me but I wanted to help.

    And then he is like "I don't really do this, I just run the tests from jenkins and check the results. Can this be done in jenkins?"

    Got so many instance of bullcrap like this.

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