Just wow. I am amazed by what just happened.

A year ago my parents decided to switch from desktop to laptop for convenience. Knowing their needs, i bought them one without an OS and installed Ubuntu 16.04 on it. The thing is that if you do a regular maintenance of the laptop once a year at their partner company, you get additional 4 years of warranty (this offer is amazing).

So today was the day I brought the laptop for this maintenance for the first time. They make you a profile on their support website where you can track shit regarding your device, super convenient. First thing I notice that the login page was not https. Awkward, but there is no sensitive data here so i let it pass. Naturally i forgot my password, so I requested a new one and guess what? I recieved it in plaintext via mail. A tech repair oriented company does this, my god.

I went there, gave them the laptop in question and got a piece of paper, where they wrote that the laptop is in their hands now, and the current physical state of the laptop, and blabla.

I got home and I read what the guy wrote among other things: THE OPERATING SYSTEM IS NOT LEGAL.

How the fuck is Ubuntu not legal??? What the fuck is this shit? I sure as hell didn't torrent it or bought a booteged copy on the streets.

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    @Alice And the police will go: "We cant access Internet Explorer browsing history, we have to forward this to CSI"
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    If you assume computer repair people are useful or have any skill whatsoever, you're gonna have a bad time.

    Also, the only thing warranties are ever good for is hardware / physical damage.
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    @Alice Hopefully they'll only stick to regular maintenance of the hardware....I won't be paying them nothing above the regular price

    @DLMousey Well, it's a repair shop that is partnered with the store where I bought it, at least they should have some knowledge. Buy yeah, my thoughts also when I read it
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    @Ashkin I only need the hardware support. I can deal with software problems and hardware to some extent, but also this is my parents laptop so I want them to be able to do something if shit hits the fan
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    What's wrong about torrenting ubuntu?
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    @cwizard There's no problem about torrenting anything where I live, but it was the subtle reference to the fact that it's already free on the official website
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    @itsnameless even better: set up a script to run after booting that is just going to infinitely list phrases like 'hacking your internets', 'port 27017 defiled', 'obtaining employee data', 'crashing windows systems', 'uploading virus'....imagine the horror
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    lmao the post and the comments. Just awesome :D
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    @itsnameless haha so meeeaaaan :D
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    @nikola1402 also torrent is oke of the download options in their website.
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    Try Installing Windows XP its the best is I'd came across in my life and I never got problem, I also tried Arch, Unbuntu but XP is best
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