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tl:dr is that compiling and packing shit for windows & linux is usually straightforward. For mac it is a pain in the ass and contributed less than 1% percent to sales.

And the thing is, i absolutely resonate with that, because i had to go through that hell before at some point in life.

Also on another note: i recently got this guy recommended by a friend, and feel like that they have interesting topics they talk about!


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    Lol at windows being easy... It's not too bad if you're *only* targeting windows...
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    @mansur85 unironically, yes.
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    When I look at markets for games I don't see how the effort of supporting Apple platforms is cost effective. Maybe once a studio is established.
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    I can agree with the Xcode comment … obviously … but this guy is a whiner.

    The Mac you buy can run all operating systems. $800 is chump change for a machine that lasts 5 o 8 supported years.

    And yea, the Mac is significantly more stable and secure because they do try to prevent hacks from schlocking their code around with little or no discipline.

    Developing Mac software has always separated the men from the boys and the women from the girls.

    A huge game creator hall of fame’r, creator of Halo, creator of Marathon, creator of (smile) Minotaur started on Mac (thankfully for him not in Xcode)

    Let the YouTube baby cry and walk away from the Mac. Some just don’t have the talent. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    @xcodesucks found the fanboy.
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    @xcodesucks from what i've seen people trying to get linux and VR and such to not be busted on Macs post, it's a shithole in there. that wouldn't be stuff in Apple's docs, either, since it's busted and #wontfix in the first place, so... if you have to run brew and buy a license to load code, OR just flash the onboard firmware to use linux, and you PREFER that? i can gladly escort you out the nearest 50th floor window.
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    @Parzi Not a Linux fan. Too much of a patch work quilt from the 1970s wearing bell bottoms and smoking LSD. Pass. BSD, underpinnings of current macOS, not much better but at least iApple managed to polish that turd. All current desktop operating systems are ultra-bloated self feeding monsters with patches that patch the patches that patch the patches that patched the original problem instead of fixing it.

    Dont get me wrong, I am so not a Windows fan. I would say the best day of 1988 was this: https://m.youtube.com/watch/...

    but today, Windows is a slightly cleaner leaner architecture than any *nix.

    IM-not-so-HO The best desktop operating system ever created died from asphyxiation in March of 2010.
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    @xcodesucks I don't think a stock install of Win8/8.1/10/11 can run with 512MB of RAM and 2GB of storage. How is Windows "cleaner and leaner", exactly?

    Also... you do know what "patch" means, right? They're used to fix problems by updating code in files. How does this not fix the original problem? I'd love to hear a list of the problems you don't consider to be fixed in each OS that aren't overall design decisions.
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