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    For Windows driver update, found a great (open source) tool to update or install missing drivers.

    My dell laptop (Windows 10) screen used to go blank or some bubble used to appear may times a day. Used Dell driver update tool, no update, says all driver up to date.

    Then used Snappy Driver Installer tool, which detected my laptop details correctly.

    Then it showed that my display driver was almost a year old and there were couple of updates, latest being just last month. In addition to that, there were 30+ updates on disk drivers, networking, sensors, bluetooth, audio etc.

    First updated my display driver, upon success, slowly updated the rest of it. Now, the system worked entire day without any issue. Also, my laptop fan used to run full speed seems to have slowed down.

    Also, my external monitor clarity has improved.

    ps: worked for me, but be careful. Check it thoroughly before updating, update only those drivers which are giving trouble and there are no updated drivers available from windows or manufacturers.