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    So I was browsing the website and was bothered by the weird gradiants, familiar layout and awkwardly timed animations (normally I only use

    I navigated to all their top-level pages and paid attention to the incoherent/ sluggish design (see screenshot). So I got this feeling that it was a cheap-ass Wordpress template purchased from Themeforest and implemented by a webmaster with little to no dev-skills.

    Sure enough, I checked the Wappalyzer extension and it is using Wordpress. Compare that to the old which was custom-built on Ember and looks professional.

    I'm aware of the negative PR they have generated over the past year but gave them the benefit of doubt and they have been good in their support and credit allotments, but man... that WP site looks so amateurish and marketed to the wrong target group. I don't know maybe I'll be forced to reconsider