Do you want to really annoy the hell out of someone?


1. JIRA account for you
2. JIRA account for the victim
3. JIRA app on victim's phone

Instructions below:

1. Create a ticket and assign / add victim as watcher.
2. Open your favorite IDE or editor with any of your favorite projects with lots of files with minimal sizes.
3. Drag the folder and drop into JIRA ticket window.
4. Enjoy 😎

Don't ask me how I figured this out 😁

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    That’s just pure evil
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    Hm.. don't wanna test on my phone to see exactly what happens.. so.. you gonna elaborate? I know if you do thins on web it starts uploading.. I am guessing the victims phone starts downloading files and/or receiving email notifs?
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    @sladuled victim's phone: *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Tring* *Trin
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    This is as elaborate as I can manage on devRant unfortunately 😐
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    @SupressWarnings it was perfect! 😂😂😂😂
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    like the node module folder? 😆
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