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    They would just push an update to support it, this never gonna end 😶
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    @JoshBent Just... Just let me dream a little in my already beyond bad life Im having 😕
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    Negative, its actually 1.2

    You will fail PCI compliance if you use 1.1
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    @gitpull I honestly dont know and reverse search says "Berserk the ride never ends" which we obviously know is not the case and it has been shared alot with that caption that it has fully polluted the search registry
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    @D--M is correct. 1.2 is required for PCI. I work for a company that goes through yearly PCI audits and am so thankful I don’t have to support IE 10 or below!
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    IE 11 is still shit
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    @lnplum Nope windows 7 is the oldest version with IE11, XP is stuck on 8 and Vista is stuck on 10
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    That is real shit. Most companies choose to only go with TLS 1.2 though. And it's not illegal to support the browsers if you're not taking credit card details on your website :)
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    It's fairly safe to not support anything but IE11 these days anyways.
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    Holy shit, that guy (joe_jag) is a friend of mine. I mean like an actual in real life friend.

    Wow that was unexpected to open this app and see that. Do you know him too?
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    @SSDD Nah, I only saw this tweet somewhere.
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