3 weeks ago I started building this CI pipeline. Finally, I see something GREEN!! YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!

P.S. A complete build requires 23GB of disk space, lasts 1h40m, and artifacts are too big to be cached, so everything must be shoved into a single CI job.

You've gotta love building monoliths...

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    Run away.
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    @donkulator … before it turns red again
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    Yeesh. Can you describe the application without getting fired for doing so? I'd love to have an idea of what kind of monster has such insane requirements.
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    @cuddlyogre based on ElasticPath. That's all I can say w/o disclosing too much.

    it's not my first EP project though. But my first from a devops perspective
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    I salute you and the patience it must require to deal with that madness.
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    Splitting those artifacts to a cacheable size sounds like the next step.
    Unless it’s an acceptable trade off it takes 2hrs to build and only one changeset at a time 😅

    I remember having to deal with a huge cpp codebase that took about as long..
    There was always that guy which didn’t make the merge window and complained about it…
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    @lotd absolutely! But first things first
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    "Look mama, I built an Frankenstein Hippo."

    Sorry, could not resist.

    Good job. :)
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    @IntrusionCM In the standup with the client's presence I used the word "behemoth". Only today I bothered to look it up. To my genuine surprise, it fits to describe the application even better than I thought it did before I knew its actual meaning.

    ref.: https://wikiwand.com/en/Behemoth/
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    @netikras lol.

    I usually call that our terabyte clusters (20 plus primary data).

    Another very nice term that makes people spit their coffee out is when I call certain areas, especially the development servers, whore of babylon....


    But trust me, it truly is an evil place where evil gathers ;)
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    @netikras my other favorite word for stuff like this is "teetering Ziggurat".

    Someone used it on Hackernews and since then I use it way to often haha

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