Is investing one US dollar in bitcoin worth it?

Seems safe.

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    Is you are lucky, you’ll make $2 profit in just 10 years 😆
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    Invest only if you can afford to lose it. I believe you can lose that dollar without having to struggle.
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    For safety, of course, but you won't get much profit for it, I suggest spending a bit more but not more than you would be half comfortable losing.
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    Is interesting one Bitcoin in US Dollar is worth it?
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    @Aitkotw Sure, from todays point of view its not worth it, but then again thats what people said 5 years ago.
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    @trickory I just realized my typo and at this moment I can't do anything
    //Typed interesting instead of investing
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    Ofcourse! You'll see it vaporising into nothing once you transfer the bitcoin you bought 😂😂
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    Invest only what you're comfortable in losing, you have to be ok that the money you invested is already gone. A lot of sites though have minimum amounts you can buy and charge fees for buying and transferring your coins.
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    Joking, ofc
    Who would invest a dollar?
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    @spky That's a lot!
    I can buy 8 chupa chips!
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    no, you'll be hacked
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