I have kill many kittens 😔

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    PHP humor never gets fucking old.
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    Good thing I don’t like kittens.
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    No puppies, still okie. 😴
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    I like them, magic functions not the kitten
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    Well, that's what you get for trying to kill me 24/7 :)
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    What's a magic function? Sorry, haven't used PHP in a while
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    @j4cobgarby there are special methods for the behavior of the class in php
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    go __get()
    some __sleep()
    while I self::__destruct()

    Now watch the kitties die.
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    How is using __construct() bad?
    The rest I never used
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    @NGPixel lels with JS as your main lang, that is rich
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    @AleCx04 Sure JS comes from the same shitty age of early web as PHP, but unlike PHP, it as evolved over time.

    - It doesn't use dots as string concatenation.
    - It doesn't have inconsistent function naming or that accept arguments in any order for "historical reasons".
    - It doesn't ship with broken functions that still haven't been fixed in 20 years.
    - It doesn't use the old thread-based system that doesn't scale.
    - It doesn't use a completely retarded non-standard syntax of \\namespace::test:wtf=>method().
    - It isn't a shitshow when it comes to dependencies where you can't have multiple versions of PHP at the same time, the extensions must be thread-safe or non-thread safe + x86 or x64, that must be referenced in some obscur configs file spread all over the system.
    - It doesn't mix <?php ?> tags with HTML.
    - Still no unicode support?!
    I could go on...

    So clearly you haven't played with JS in a long time if you think it's still on the same level as PHP nowadays. Try es6 and node.js...
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    @NGPixel i can pull out the same number of arguments in terms of language design against JS and stack them up as would be considered language inadequacies or fuck ups that php does not have. We can actually do this for every programmer language to no point whatsoever.

    Clearly I have not played with JS? Look at my profile buddy. And I was running JS o my servers way before everyone else started to play with JS on their servers, way before Node so I do have room to speak when I say that saying that complaining about php when one's main language is Js is certainly funny.

    The big difference here being that I know where to use a tool over the other. Which seems to be something that a lot of other developers do not know how to do.

    Numeric incosistencies, weird typing structures, lack of proper array functionalities, lack of control and documentation regarding the vast array of libraries. Class support as syntax sugar over prototype based object models. Etc etc
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    @NGPixel most of the things I have mentioned as JS faults are things that allow for a lot of flexibility in the language! So I recognize the failures of the language while at the same time being aware of them and using them with care. Like a software engineer should. And instead of blaming the language for having weird specs I decides to learn it properly and overcome the difficulties and not deem it shit. Which again, seems like something that other developers do not know how to do.

    I do not dislike Js or node....i fucking love it (them) but I know it aint the best stack out there or a silver bullet. So i use it accordingly.

    Care to do that for php? No, because a lot of people would much rather jump on bandwaggons than learn shit the right way.
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    @AleCx04 You missed the point. Sure JS isn't perfect and most of the arguments you mentionnee are simply the lack of typing support. But like I said, ES is improving with every new iteration.

    I've yet to see anything worthwhile concerning PHP. The syntax and it's core principles are broken beyond repair. It hasn't evolved in any significant way to overcome these major issues.

    I have an issue with PHP being praised in 2018 when far superior alternatives are available. It makes no sense for new users to learn this language when you got C#, Kotlyn, Python, etc. available server-side.

    JS on the other end is the only language available client side and being able to use the same one server-side via Node.js is a huge plus when learning programming.

    If the shortcomings of JS lack of types is that much of an issue, you have supersets like Typescript.

    So will I look at PHP for whats it's good for? No, because that language makes no sense to me and IMO shouldn't be used anymore. I coded many projects in PHP a long time ago and I would never want to go back to this language when far superior alternatives are available today.
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    @NGPixel the thing is...it has evolved and it really does offer many things that you may continue to think are broken because you are looking at it from the past, but there are major differences between php4 and 7 or even php5 and 7. You are not interested in them and that is fine. You have an opinion regarding the language. But that is all it is, an opinion. Not a reality. And far better alternatives exist for every platform, that does not render existing options usable.

    Ryan dhal abandoned Node for Go, does that mean Node is now useless and shouldn't exist with a language with saner design exists? No, not really. Does the good design of Go, Python, Kotlin, cpp, or ruby deem JS as something that people should not use? No. The same can be applied to JS and php, else there would be no choice. And thinking that php has no place or you dislike it is a you thing, not a fact of the evolution of the language.
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    @AleCx04 Sure, let me know when PHP will use a syntax that isn't some keyboard that happened to be in car accident, have the dot concatenation operator removed and no longer be a mess to install and configure. Then I'll reconsider PHP.
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    @NGPixel nah homie not liking a syntax is fine.
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