Assembly programmers be like

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    You missed the fact that we dont une functions

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    @linuxer4fun registration succesful.

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    @linuxer4fun registers and functions are completely different
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    @ewpratten yea - but registers are used to pass parameters to system calls - which one could interpret as functions
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    @linuxer4fun ya.. I guess.
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    I think you mean

    I just like jmping to conclusions
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    To BE or to BNE
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    Nah comon, that meme is ok because its creotive.

    Yes there is goto. You can even jump while leaving a stacktrace (yep...)
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    I work with assembly on a daily basis, and I can say that we use unconditional jumps which are the exact same as a goto.

    The architecture I'm working with also have hardware implemented loops, so we have actual loop instructions. It is not true that assembly programmers does not use for and while.
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    @PonySlaystation please cut it out. You don’t get to be abusive towards people because you don’t like the content they post.

    I enjoyed this, so did many others. You’re entitled not to enjoy it, you’re not entitled to write comments like that.
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    @jpuge i use assembly often too. But pure assembly.
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