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Number of computers
1900: 0
1950: 100
1980: 10000
1990: 1000000
2000: 1000000000
2010: 1000000000000000000
2020: 1
2030: 1
2040: 1
2050: 1

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    @calmyourtities one big server farm where everyone connects via terminal device like his phone or just one small lowpower device that connects via internet to the servers.
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    @JoshBent that's what i thought but how could that ever happen?
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    I was thinking of something more like AM from I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream, to be honest!
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    Or just WW3
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    @calmyourtities its happening for tons of businesses already that use one central server and use only raspberry pis with proprietary software installed on it, that connects to that one central server and fetches the image for that specific business and terminal, for example for cashier software or product lookups with barcode scanners, calendar softwares for secretaries etc.

    For gaming theres already also streamable services, where you pay monthly or hourly, also an upcoming service that has been in alpha/beta stage for a while is "nvidia geforce now"
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    Have you ever heard of mainframes and time sharing. Connecting to a server isn't something new. It's the oldest way to use a computer actually.
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    Can't wait!
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    Well, everyone works local before pushing it to somewhere.
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    @JoshBent Doesn't a raspberry pi still count as a computer?
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    ASI? ASI.
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    So basically SaaS and the cloud?
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    @cyberlord64 lol my thoughts exactly. And I don't know about you guys but ide hate having to try and debug shit that's already pushed up to a server, much easier to work on locally.
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    @cyberlord64 I am sure, somebody else can explain that better, but it doesnt do the processing, so all it is, is a receiver and sender of HID input, thats it.
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    @hexc I'll take that as a general statement, not in connection with those terminal devices, which I have to disagree with.

    I have been working almost all my life with remote development, due to being a forced windows user and its not different, besides just having to push or pull the files from remote.
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    @JoshBent obv. one is screwed if theres no internet, but without internet most development is flatlining anyway.
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    @JoshBent setting up remote debugging can be a total bitch depending on what you are working on. Also constantly having to push up changes can be annoying depending on again what you are working on.
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    I know what I'm doing Dec 31, 2019:
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    What I was thinking is not so much a client/server thing but an advancement that makes all compute devices “one” device. Like the hardware on my phone is “seen” as part of the hardware of my laptop, or my neighbor’s desktop, or the data center in town. They are all one system with huge latency between physically separated components.
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    @bentastic oh yeah, that was an awesome book
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    @bentastic have read that one, I'll put it on my list.
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    I was thinking the 1 was the computer used to launch the missiles...
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    I think ya’ll got it all wrong.

    The 1 here implies to 1 single world computer running on a Decentralized blockchain technology (Ethereum or Ethereum-like tech). Do read about Ethereum and it being a World-Computer.

    The 1 here signifies true democracy where every1 has become 1 and not 1 evil server farm.

    It’s easier for people to trust each other on a blockchain and become one with the system, rather than a secret society ruling us with 1 computer by controlling every country in the world.
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    One computer to rule 'em all!
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