Getting annoyed at having to make Android apps look like iOS apps

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    I had to make uwp app look like an android app at internship. Had a very hard time
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    Going to sound stupid but... Why?!

    Surely you would use the operating system own design language, oh wait that would make sense...
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    Time to talk about bottom tab bar in android version of devRant...
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    I love how devrant follows absolutely no design paradigms and looks the same on everything, ah glorious crossplatform js
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    And also tired of making iOS apps using Android design!
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    I suffer from the same thing except that I must make iOS app look like Android and then make both apps look like the web version T_T
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    Unless you are held at gunpoint then you have the choice to educated people as to just how fucking stupid that is.
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    It works both ways. I sick of doing Android cards in iOS
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