Is there any free software or website one can use where it takes a screenshot or page and you can mark areas on it, then add comments to those areas? (kind of like powerpoint comments, but without the awkward canvas limitation)

Then later the viewer sees instead of huge message bubbles, only those marked areas on top of the screenshot and when he hovers them - sees the comment pop up somewhere.

I remember QA having something like that, but don't remember anything about it. (I think it had a palmtree logo?..)

It would be amazingly useful for clients to just go through screenshots and marking on it "that looks nasty, put ajit pai on it".

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    Chrome extension Screenshot
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    @Linux that's a pure screenshot tool as much as I can see? that wouldnt really help as the idea was to annotate entire subpages, not just screenshotting parts of it and then having to explain where that is etc.

    @Eqb8 same goes with sharex, I am using it already, but its a screenshot tool only, even with it offering putting comments, its not quite what I am searching for

    @zokazavevu also results in just a screenshot

    @CurseMeSlowly thats a lot closer! but maybe I should have noted that I would like to not make it publicly visible whenever I would request annotation, as some projects are NDA signed.

    Hypothesis seemed to be pretty close with its private features (though bit complicated to explain to a client to always put comments as private), but does not allow for areas, so you cant comment on a button being for example too much right etc.

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    The closest I found to describe what I am searching for is: https://redpen.io/pricing and https://www.bounceapp.com/ but one costs a liver per project and the other would be a horror with NDA signed off projects, as it makes everything public and undeletable.
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    Oh, missunderstood lol
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    @JoshBent fork and modify annotator and host one on your own for all your projects?
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