Do you guys know about the Windows 10 operating system?

I highly recommend it.

It is so easy to get done whatever you want in just a few clicks or.. several.

It has a great web browser called Internet Explorer that comes pre-installed with it. If you love animations, it will even sometimes show you that beautiful loading animation for as long as it wants. If you have a habit of wasting time on the Internet, it will intelligently slow things down and become unresponsive to help you get rid of that bad habit. It's just that great.

It has a lot of great features pre-enabled for you like sending data to Microsoft to improve your experience on a personal level. The operating system cares so much about you, unlike other operating systems that represent a flightless bird.

It's so smart, it even keeps you from doing stupid things like customizing the operating system. It makes sure that you live in the given box and don't break anything. So caring, right?!

At random times, it shows you a blue screen and a sad face to remind you that life can be sad at times but you gotta keep going. It is profound.

It comes with great useless software that you absolutely don't even need! How great is that!

I use Windows 10 and I recommend that you do too.

Have a good day..

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    Not sure if serious or a rant in disguise 😐
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    @C0D4 I can feel the pain in between the words
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    You greatly represent my love for Windows!

    👉(insert hot sauce emoji)👌 -> [][]
    [][] My ascii art skills aren’t the best, it’s suppose to be a window
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    Yawn, I wish there was a way to rid this place from these retarted posts. Yes, I like using the word retarted.
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    I love your level of humour :D
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    Stop hating Windows, use something else... Windows is useful in certain circumstances just like Linux is.
    My computer never crashed, my computer never slowed down because of Windows.

    Ubuntu comes with Firefox preinstalled, I hate it as much as I hate IE, just don't use it.

    Oh, btw, you can customize Windows' look
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    @HAlex “You can customize Windows look”.

    Sorry, but come on, it’s some bullshit customization, you didn’t see Linux.

    And btw firefox is open source and doesn’t fuck the life of most web devs

    And also, Idk how you never crashed or slowed down

    And really, the only argument for Windows is the support
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    @-vim- I don't care if Firefox is open source, I said a different thing.
    On Windows you can customize appearance, icons, animations... Never encountered a problem
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    @HAlex As I said, bullsh🤬t customization, again, you didn’t see the level of Linux, compared to it, Windows is a rock im race against a supersonic jet
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    See, I am meh with windows, its fine and not that bad (but still pretty bad) but i seiously doubt the people that say things like "it has never crashed or slowed down on me" like I really can't believe that. I mean...i've had new laptops that out of the box show a "not responding" when opening the file system without me even installing or doing anything man.
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    @jAsE proprietary software and lack of customization options
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    @jAsE I mean proprietary software is a lot harder to customize, because you can’t modify it
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    @AleCx04 my old laptop crashed almost 100 times, my new laptop and my desktop never crashed. There's any problem on saying this?
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    @HAlex absolutely no problem with saying it as it does not affect me. Its just that I do not believe that one can go through windows without ever going through the ctrl alt del dance. I would find it easier to believe that someone had seen dragons than never had "not responding"
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    Soooooo... gonna be the guy... the world runs on windows. Invalid point? Why are the majority of programming languages written in English, the language with the most broken rules? It doesn't matter, it just is, deal with it.
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    @AleCx04 still, never happened on my new laptop and on my desktop
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    @HAlex well then that sounds impressive but I still won't believe it. Kudos tho
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    @gorsamp he is dealing with it. By poking fun at it tho, but that is dealing with it.
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    @AleCx04 fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine
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