Just dodged a WordPress bullet.

Phew that was close.

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    ... And who got hit instead?
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    Guess who's gonna take a WordPress and a Joomla bullet because of school very soon
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    @billgates don't know, don't care.
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    @billgates that'd probably be me. I have to get better at saying no.
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    I don’t mind picking up WordPress projects. They’re usually easy money.
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    I break out in a cold sweat whenever a client brings up WordPress. @tahnik #strugglebuddies
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    Ewww, Turdpress.
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    Haven't tried Wordpress yet. What's wrong? Haha
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    Use CraftCMS instead, if you want it maintainable and configurable for multiple environments.
    Wordpress is truly horrific...
    aaand well, Joomla is just a bloated shitcake... 😄
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    It hit my friend.
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    If someone ask me to do some wordpress, it’s time to preach about how good is boltcms 🤣
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    I love Wordpress. Never had an issue.
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    @intromatt for how long have you been using it?
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    My blog is about 12 years old so about that long.

    I manage about 30 sites now with some complex integrations and plugins, mostly real estate.

    Not one issue, ever.

    (except an SQL injection about 6 years ago I was able to fix with a malware scanner and some manual hackery).

    WordPress of today is VERY different than WordPress of a few years ago.

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