Real programmers use...😀😀😀

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    I used to play around with redstone when I played Minecraft
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    @dotPy redstone is more complicated than c++ 😂
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    Ugh i still don't like scratch but according to this i must do it to be smart
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    Scratch is too hard; might as well be writing assembly
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    Command block are the real shit
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    How about programming a racket-interpreter in scratch based on minecraft-redstone based on the xkcd stack?
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    Where do you get your rant material? 🤔 I think I've seen it all posted to a Telegram channel, that copies from reddit, before.
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    Commands block is where the real shit starts, those are fucking hard to work with, but when you start to understand, it becomes really fun
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    Brainfuck ftw
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    I am so good in redstone.
    Some people think that command blocks are hard but they are really easy to understand.
    I made one that copies something that you build inside a square and the places the blocks somewhere behind so i can send beautiful houses.
    Minecraft would be shit without redstone!
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