For some reason, out of no where, I made this word up. It's called Moop, and it's definition is paradoxical. It means "everything and nothing, anywhere and nowhere, etc". So one day at work one of my coworkers pushed his untested commit to the master branch of our 25k project. To make matters worse, he deleted all other branches and previous versions of the project. Our project manager heard about it and became so angry that he almost broke our no-curse-word-policy. So he called is all together to get around it so he could properly vent.
Project manager: "Guys I'm extremely angry at James (the one who pushed the untested source code to our commercial project, ruining it)
Me: well, I have a word that we can use
Project manager: what is it?
Me: Moop
You can guess what the next few weeks at work was like. All of my coworkers had to fix the crap James made, including myself. So the conversations went like this: "The mooperfluffer James should have never mooped with us!", "MOOP YOU JAMES, I HOPE YOU HET MOOPED TO HELL YOU MOOPUP!!!!!", "Hey James, guess what! I hope you moop yourself". Our boss became a strong moop user and spray moop all over James workstation. We put moop in his cup, his laptop keyboard, even his thumb drive. We downloaded moop.exe to his PC so we could moop his kernel.

Today James' life is officially mooped.

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    I want to be honest!

    Instead of dealing with this issue professionally and implementing processes to prevent this from happening again, you've decided to bully James.

    Especially the response from your boss is disgusting!

    You've crossed a line!
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    Well... There are a lot of things wrong here...

    You have a commercial product and someone "deleted all branches and previous versions"... What kind of source control are you using that allows for this with no possibility to revert a commit? Why can't the guy undo his own work!? What kind of feature is this?

    You stated 25k project. In what currency? You are clearly a team of at least 2 devs and a manager... I should burn through 25k with that team in a month or so...

    Your manager should not be in that role. And I'm saying that based solely on his handling of the situation... You guys should be helping each other not bullying... One day you will make an error and then what? I guess MOOP you, right?

    - Version Control is important
    - Process is important
    - Code review is important
    - Team work is important
    - Good management is important
    - Blaming and bullying is childish, unprofessional, counterproductive and NOT important
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    Can you guys see the tags???
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    @BitCoder yeah... Lol, right!? I just don't think it's funny...

    More like a nightmare...
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