New devComic! Based on a funny rant by @AlgoRythm (https://devrant.com/rants/1168834/)

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    I've seen band-aids also be used :)
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    There's a suit and tie for devrant avatars? πŸ€”
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    @Grexius maybe @trogus is hinting at something... πŸ˜…
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    For the record, it's still comforting even though it does't help much.
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    At least they can't see me....
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    I use duck tapes...
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    trogus your drawings of the nsa boys are adorable ☺️❀️
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    Nice! Now we want moarrrrr! πŸ˜ƒ
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    I'm not much of a looker, and I'm boring as fuck.
    I pity the poor spook who has to document my life.
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    It's me!!

    Thank you @trogus :D this is great!
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    At least they won't see me masturbating
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    @AlgoRythm Glad you like it! Thank you for the great content!
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    @alanturingisgod but its possible with some mallware to use your speakers as mic and render a image with it by using echo location.
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    They say they can use side channel attack for breaking encryption, etc.
    Heard that if crypto key has more number of 1 or 0 the power consumed will vary and using your phone they can sense this variation and try to get your key
    Apart from that based on radiation they can recreate your screen like read only desktop share
    They can hear what you are speaking based on lays packet vibration even if you are sound proofs but transparent (lays packet) room.
    But these trick are not that good with Mass surveillance, so I guess tape should do the trick. 😜
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    @Codex404 really? Seems too complex to be real.
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    @sak96 Yep. πŸ™
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    @alanturingisgod its complicated but it has been done in a lab.
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    I love that they use glasses to look at the computer screen, their mass surveillance software doesn't have a dark theme
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    Foiled again 😀
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    Never did that. PC doesn't have a cam and my laptop runs a lightwight linux installation.

    If I would be concerned, it should be my Phone with all those Google services.
    That and because snapchat annoyed me af with the selfi cam as main menu led me to put a piece of aluminium foil between my front cam and the glass. 😈 I don't need this camera anyway.
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    Awww, I'm sad we can't add our own comics yet :P
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    @alanturingisgod I want them to watch...

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    *me fapping furiously*
    *stare into camera with creep face*
    "You like that Agent?"

    NSA: This guy is no threat, let's please just stop watching him.
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    Maybe hackers hack cameras to see how other hackers look like 8)
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    @kwilliams 🀣🀣
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    @FunkDelegate impossible. Hackers always wear a balaclava while operating an internet connected device.
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    @kwilliams lol in the train 8)
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    Distributing this to everyone at the company I work for on my final day of service.
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    @exelix that’s what you end up with when software is written by the lowest bidder.
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    Yes! I hate people who put tape on their webcam! Just think about it. Would the NSA use up your bandwidth to stream video or use virtually no bandwidth to stream audio? Basic logic.
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    Oh no! I need to invest in stronger tape!
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