I hate when I'm being questioned when I wander off to the kitchen to get a sandwich for 5 minutes when the smokers at the office have their sixth smoking break that usually takes about 10 minutes.

Let me enjoy my non-smoker breaks 😒

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    Buy a cheap pack of cigs and act like you're taking smoke breaks lol
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    dude! ifkr!

    i know a guy who started smoking just for the breaks

    ive been in a kitchen where every fuk sits down to smoke and i sit down and the "managers" were like "ok back to work!"

    fuk u ppl
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    I would legitimately start to pretend to be smoking a fucking pencil and if questioned pull a lighter and light the mother fucker while staring seriously.
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    lol multiple people pretend-smoke where I work.

    one lady has used the same pack of smokes for months, she doesn't even light them unless management happens to walk by.
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    she is a true hero

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    And here i am at a job where going to the kitchen for a beer is perfectly acceptable :)
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    @ItsNotMyFault It is also acceptable where I am, but it depends on the situation, when everyone is under pressure because of some project or stuff, no one says anything about the smokers but does when the non-smokers spend 10 minutes sitting somewhere else and that's what annoys me, basically because it just works like that everywhere.
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    @azous xD
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    I mean, I'm one of the smokers, but I make sure to compensate for the time I spend smoking.

    If on a day I spend 30 minutes smoking, ill spend that much longer in the office before heading home.
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