Just when I want to get inspirations for my personal site by looking at other websites by devranters the famous website of @alice is down :(

Any other websites I should check out as example?

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    @alice Your website is down :(
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    @Codex404 The only way to properly summon her is if your comment has the word pink in it.

    Like this: @Alice your pink website is down lol
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    Haha I literally got a message from a colleague to recommend him a website that could get him inspired... my first thought was Alice’s website 😅😁
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    @Alice oh please... it’s 100% honestly, the best ( most colorful, vibrant, well structured ) website of a person that I have seen till date... huge plus that u used full breadth of the screen instead of creating large margins 👌🏻👌🏻😎😎
    Good job 🎊🎊🎊

    Now pleassseee tell me how did u make it? HTML and css? And what?
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    @Alice well... wow!! That’s amazing! Pink website ftw haha 😎😎😁😁

    It does give me inspiration to start developing my own website too...
    Then I think of the language I will have to use...
    Nah not happening 😂😂😅😅
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    Oh no no... I don’t hate html... nor css or JavaScript... I just don’t enjoy using them... just not my preference...
    U know... it just doesn’t give me... umm... how do I explain.... the adrenaline?

    The... that amazing feeling of excitement like when ur driving at extremely high speeds...

    Basically, I just don’t feel interested or inspired with them... come to think of it, I don’t feel like that for any sort of programming right now... probably because I have nothing to do... or maybe I just feel crushed by other emotions... but usually, languages ( lower level ) and command line are able to do that for me...

    Truth be told, I just wanna make me a website so that I can have some audience too... u know... show the world that I exist... ( been always shy so... yea )

    Sorry I think I drowned in my thought a bit too much 😕😅
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    @Condor I feel you
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    Don't look at mine, a three year old could do better.
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